A Small Measure of Gratitude

For Those Who Serve

Everyone at Adcock Real Estate Services honors the dedication of the many first responders who serve our communities. Police officers, firefighters, EMTs and others who place themselves in harm’s way, for the good of the people they serve, deserve our thanks and recognition every day.

As one small measure of our gratitude, Adcock is pleased to offer a special First Responders Home Buyers &amp Sellers Program and other special services for police, fire and emergency personnel throughout our Central North Carolina service area.

The processes and terms are easy and can lead to up to $1,000 in commission fee reductions by Adcock.

Adcock Real Estate Services Special Terms

In order to qualify for the offer, home sellers must list with us, and buyers must have a buyer’s representation agreement with us. Other terms include:

  • Limit: 1% of the property price or $1,000, whichever is less.
  • Sale has to close.
  • Sales only; does not apply to leases.
  • Offer can be applied to one sale with or to the client(s) during the lifetime of this program.
  • Property can be any kind: home, land, commercial, investment.
  • Client needs to use our preferred providers, such as the mortgage funding experts at CMG Financial.
  • Listing/Representation agreement must be signed by a certain deadline

We have developed special processes and services to make things easier and to get our clients into the homes they desire. If you’re a police officer, firefighter or EMT who is planning to buy a home sometime in the near future, please contact Adcock today. We can help you lay the groundwork and begin the planning process that will lead to finding your dream home or selling for top dollar.

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