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Women in Real Estate – an emerging power

The idea of female buying power should be nothing new. Just do a quick Google search for “She-conomy”. There are literally dozens of articles all about marketing to women. These days, women are the primary purchasers in any household, by about 70-80%. Companies are slowly catching up to the notion of women in leadership roles at a corporate level.




Women real estate agents however, have soared in recent years to dominate the industry, outnumbering men nearly 2:1.  Indeed, many women end up owning their own companies, and if they are married, we have heard many times that their husbands ended up quitting his 9-5 to come work for his wife. In no other industry will you see that happen in such large numbers.

Although women have been involved in Real Estate as a career since the first female member joined NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) in 1910, they were very much in the minority until roughly the last decade or so. 2018 data shows that women make up approximately 68% of REALTORS®. Industry experts have highlighted several key factors that they attribute to many women’s success in real estate.

Women are excellent time managers and multi-taskers. Their organizational and problem solving skills could rival military strategists in their precision and depth. Observe any mom of three kids who has to juggle 2 different school drop-offs both morning and afternoon, after-school sports in different parts of town, and social events all in one week, not to mention time with her spouse plus her own career, and it will be no surprise at all why she would be an outstanding real estate agent. The ability to multi-task efficiently is a critical aspect of real estate.

They seem more empathetic and approachable than some of their male peers. This is not to say men aren’t empathetic, but women are often perceived as being more so. Women tend to be more patient in handling buyer’s concerns, and this sensitivity often leads to a higher client satisfaction ratio. They are often more persistent, without coming across as aggressive.

Women are skilled negotiators and possess a knack for diplomacy that buyers find reassuring. They are considered more thoughtful, active listeners and more apt to show an open mind. The most successful agents have learned not to reject their natural tendencies; they embrace them and it propels them to break through the glass ceilings of any career industry. In real estate, women have much more freedom to do this than in other professional arenas.

All of these reasons are a mere drop in the bucket as to why any woman would excel in the real estate industry. The potential for astronomical success and flexibility offered makes it one of the most rewarding careers you can call your own.