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Top 5 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

When you are buying a home, a thousand questions swirl around your head, and it can be challenging to sort them out in order of importance. Having a Real Estate Company like Adcock & Associates is the smart choice to help with that. Here are the top 5 questions buyers have asked our agents, and we recommend that every buyer keep in mind when considering a new home.

What’s my total budget? It makes little sense to search for a home before you know how much home you can afford. Showing the seller you have the financial means to buy their house is important if you want your offer to be accepted. This means getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

How much have homes sold for in the neighborhood? A recent market report for the location in which you are interested can go a long way to telling you if the home you’re viewing is in the same range as your neighbors’. Your agent can provide this to you.

What’s included in the sale? It’s important to nail down the details here. Don’t assume that something will come with the house because the seller may have other ideas. Fixtures such as cabinets and faucets are typically included, but it’s best to make sure. Your REALTOR® will be able to tell you in depth what’s required and what is negotiable.

Are there any health or safety hazards? Particularly when considering an older home, one built prior to 1978, lead disclosure is required by federal law before any sale.

How much will I pay in closing costs? This is an especially important question to ask. The down payment isn’t the only cash you’ll be forking over on closing day. This amount can vary depending on several circumstances such as the type of loan, total price of the home, and credit score.

Adcock & Associates has a team of agents devoted to making sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction because we know how important these things are for our buyers! Contact us today and let’s get you in your new home.