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Referral Agents

Network equals Net Worth.

You never knew how much your Network was worth until now! Become a referral agent now and profit from when your friends & family buy or sell their home! Adcock & Associates has a premium spot for you.

This opportunity is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is looking to monetize their network
    by referring their friends, family, & coworkers buying or selling their
  • Licensed Real Estate agents who are approaching
    or considering retirement, and still want to maintain an income.
  • Parents with time on their hands between school
    hours can jump-start a side-career by building on their personal networks without
    sacrificing their work-life balance.
  • Agents who aren’t currently active with a
    brokerage but want to bring in money on the side.
  • Licensed agents who have a full-time job already
    outside of the industry but want to maintain their license and wish to bring in
    extra income.
  • Graduating students who are looking for training
    and real-world business experience while transforming their personal network
    into an income generating foundation.

Give us a call at 919-775-5444 or email to schedule an appointment to sit down with Steve Malloy and see how Adcock & Associates can foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

* The NC Real Estate Commission does require that you have an active NCRE license to be paid a referral commission. With that comes the cost of schooling and membership to the MLS. This cost will be reimbursed however over time and will be well worth your money when you begin generating your passive income.