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Real Estate as a Career – the Adcock Way

We all understand that the concept of getting 100% of your commission and revenue share is a big deal. The great advent of technology is not only changing the way homes are bought and sold but also how realtors are compensated. Companies like eXp make full utilization of this advancement, allowing their agents to capture more of their commission, grow revenue pipelines associated with recruitment, and convenient online training.


But the big names who are making 6 or 7 figures are making that because many of them brought an established team over with them. What does this mean for the lone real estate agent who’s just starting out? It means that unless and until you successfully recruit people for your ‘downline’ (flashbacks of Amway, anyone?) you won’t partake in any of that glorious revenue that is being shared so generously.

No matter which firm you join, Real Estate can be a rewarding career with huge financial potential, but it is more challenging than most people think! It takes passion and dedication to put in all the hours of hard work needed to grow your business and make your clients happy. It’s highly competitive and can be stressful at times, but there are some firms that will set you up for success in every way possible!


At Adcock & Associates, we provide many tools for success that other agencies do not. Some of these include:

  • Unmatched marketing & branding strategies that keep you fully up to date, & help you with your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. EVERY listing receives 360 video tours, drone footage, and broad promotion from our entire team.
  • Complimentary lead generation. We actively generate leads for all of our agents through social media, Google, and through company owned affiliate sites.
  • Personal guidance to build a solid business plan and encouragement to follow through with it. Each agent receives one-on-one time with a World Class Real Estate Coach at no cost to you.
  • We have an upbeat atmosphere here, and we LOVE our community! Adcock & Associates often hosts events that bring in not only potential clients, but new friends as well.
  • We treat our agents like family, and after an approval process, we work hard together to help you begin your career with as little up-front investment as possible. After all, we only succeed when you do!

If you think this sounds like a place where you can call your home away from home, please email Steve Malloy at, or call 919-775-5444. We would love to schedule a time to come and chat with us about real estate. Let us show you firsthand why Adcock & Associates may be the perfect place to begin your Real Estate Career. Or simply click the button below to send a message directly to us.