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Auction Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you advertise?

Yes! Marketing your home is one of the most important auction services we offer. Our team will consider your property, the market, and the likely potential buyers before creating the most efficient marketing plan for the auction. This plan may include any or all of the following: advertisements in local papers, internet marketing (email, websites and social media), direct mail, flyers, and signs. On the day of the sale/auction we also use directional signs to capture the attention of people passing by.

Who pays for the advertising?

Once the marketing plan is in place, the client pays for all advertising upfront. The auction team uses the funds to implement the marketing plan.

Should the house be up for sale during the Estate Auction?

We recommend listing the house on the market a few days prior to the sale to bring more exposure to the auction. Listing the house will make more people aware of the sale and bring more potential buyers to the table. We can assist you with the listing process through our real estate services division.

What do we (the family) need to do to get ready for the sale?

The only thing you need to do is to remove anything from the house you do not want included in the sale (personal items you want to keep, important papers, etc.) We’ll handle everything else, including sorting, cleaning, organizing, and preparing items for sale. Do not clean, sort, or rid the house of ANYTHING prior to calling us. Often people want to clean before inviting the auction company in, but this is unnecessary. Items you view as trash are often treasure to someone else. Let us take this burden off your hands.

Is it risky to invite the public into our home?

We understand most individuals are understandably apprehensive about having their home (or the home of a loved one) open to the public. Our clients have our assurance the items they want to sell will be liquidated in an efficient, professional, and worry-free manner. Our staff ensures expensive items are appropriately secured and all items are monitored during the sale.

How much time do you need to set up for the sale?

The most successful auctions are ones that are well-marketed, ensuring a good crowd of interested buyers. The more time you can provide, the more effective the marketing will be. In a perfect world, three months would be ideal, but we will do everything we can to work within your time frame.

Do we have to have antiques to have an estate sale/auction?

If an item is needed for day-to-day living, it can be sold at auction for a profit. Common, everyday items can be sold instead of being donated or thrown away. Many sales where there are few, if any, collectibles still generate a significant income.

Does everything do well at estate sale/auction?

People are often surprised by what items sell successfully at auction. Even mundane household items can be sold for a nice profit. The key is to bring in a good crowd of interested buyers using effective marketing. The more people you have competing to buy an item, regardless of what it is, the higher the bidding will go.

Isn’t it true all of the “good stuff” is usually gone by the time an estate sale/auction is held?

While some family members do keep photos, personal papers, or special collections, what remains is often astounding. Years of inheriting and collecting often results in many expensive and sought-after items being sent to auction.